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Sarah Elisabeth Ramsay and Buchan Thomson

Buchan Thomson, Gold Buyer

This watercolour of the gold fields shows the tent of Buchan Thomson, with a sign saying "Buchan Thomson Gold Buyer".

Sarah Elisabeth Ramsay and Buchan Thomson

 Sarah Elisabeth Ramsay married Buchan Thomson in 1852 at Dobroyde.  In 1844 Buchan Thomson was managing David Ramsays property Kierstone on the Fish River. Buchan Thomson was associated with the East India Company and also with the early days of the Australian Jockey Club. A picture of the Bathurst gold fields shows Buchan Thomsons tent, with a sign proclaiming him to be a gold buyer. They had 2 children, a son Buchan,  who died as an infant, and a daughter, Amelia Sarah, who married David Logan, and had 3 children.


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Sarah Elisabeth Ramsay, Buchan Thomson and their daughter, Amelia

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