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Belinda's Ramsay and Robertson Family History
Hi! Welcome to my Family History site!
This site combines the history of my Ramsay and Robertson families in Australia. These families were linked with the marriage of my Mother, Jacqueline Neida Robertson, and my father, Kenneth Alistair Ramsay. Over time researching my family history, I have discovered branches all over the world, but the majority are in Australia. My ancestors came from England, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and France. While my ancestors decided that Australia was the place to go to, other branches

spread to the United States and Canada. It's hard for us to imagine what hardship these families faced looking for a new life in a new land, but I'm glad they did.
Of course, there are a couple who were given no choice, coming as convicts to a colony which for many offered them a better future than they would have had at home.

I changed the name of this site from genealogy to Family History, as I believe there is a lot more to families than just the genes. Family stories, and the interaction of families with one another, particularly in the early days of the Australian colonies, gives us an insight into how our families lived, worked and played.

Most of my information was obtained at the start by talking to relatives, and searching public records. Many people have helped me by sharing their own research. During my research I have discovered many new relatives and made many new friends.


My parents, Kenneth Ramsay and Jacqueline Robertson, the link between two great families.

I have created a web page for each of the Ramsay and Robertson families. You can go to The Ramsays or The Robertsons tab at the top of this page to get an an overview of each family, and click the links for more information. 
  If you wish to go directly to the family pages connected to the Ramsays and Robertsons, you can use the links below.  
James Robertson from Renfrew
Duncan Robertson from Alvie