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John Ramsay and Elisabeth Pearson

The Farmhouse at Greenhill

Dr David Ramsays grandfather John Ramsay was a tennant in Dunning in 1835, Gorthy from 1835 to 1750, Carshead, and Greenhill from 1761 to 1788. He was married in 1735 to Isobel Brugh, at Dunning. The couple had 7 children, the youngest being David's father, John. John was baptised at Fowlis Wester in April, 1749, and was probably born at Gorthy. 
John moved to Perth, and was married to Elisabeth Pearson  in Perth by the Reverend John Dun in 1789. Elisabeth was the daughter of James Pearson, a baker, and his wife Elizabeth Duncan.
John Ramsay, a Freeman Baker, was also a miller and corn merchant. He leased mills near Perth including  Town Mill and Balhousie.

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