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Links and Acknowledgements


I have been given help in my research by so many people, and would like to acknowledge them here. I am also listing some resources used in my research. I would like to thank all the people who have helped and supported me in my quest to discover my roots.


Documents, Papers, Pamphlets, Books


Various research papers by

Isadore Brodsky

Vincent Crowe

Gwen Gardiner

Jean Marginson

St David’s Church Publications  

The Manse, Rysard Knopf

Leichardt Historical Journal

Ashfield Historical Society Journals


Information from individuals and Genealogies


Gwen Gardiner

Anne Kay

Jean Marginson (Deceased)

John S P Ramsay (Deceased)

John S Ramsay

Belisario Papers – Mitchell library

Bev Giveen (The Plough Inn) and other Ramsay bits

John and Michael Pye

Robert Stitt

Babara Dawson

Rosemary Ramsay and Julie

Reg Rowe

All my aunts, uncles and cousins who helped fill in the gaps


Web Sites


Fielden Family Genealogy Forum

Dalhousie Castle

Ashfield Historical Society

Strathfield Historical Society

The Haberfield Association

Australian Heritage Site

National Trust Site 



Red Arrow 2
Ramsay and Robertson Family Home Page