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Burials at The Ramsay Graveyard




Some of the following are burials in the vault or graveyard, some are ashes placed in graves or in the vault, and a small number are memorials. The graveyard is no longer open to burials, and the graveyard committee can be approached by family members for permission to place ashes in the vault. All of Dr David Ramsay's children, with the exception of Percy, are buried here. They have been grouped in families.


John Simeon Pearson Ramsay kept a register of burials, and this has been a great help in compiling this list.



RAMSAY David (MD)1794-1860 age 66

LORD Sarah Ann married David RAMSAY 1806-1889 age 82


RAMSAY Mary Louisa married LEARMONTH 1826-1914 age 88

LEARMONTH Alexander 1820-1877 age57    

LEARMONTH Annie married BAIN 1854-1925 age 70

BAIN Lewis Potter 1847-1927 age 80

LEARMONTH McCheyne 1865-1879 age 14

LEARMONTH Ramsay 1857-1910 age 53

LEARMONTH Sarah married SCALE 1851-1920 age 68



RAMSAY Sarah Elisabeth married THOMSON 1827-1900 age 72

THOMSON Amelia Sarah married LOGAN 1859-1908 age49

THOMSON Buchan 1821-1883 age 62

THOMSON Buchan 1858-1858 age 6 weeks


RAMSAY Isabella Helen married BELISARIO 1829-1908 age 78

BELISARIO Catherine Olive 1863-1867 age 4

BELISARIO Clive Ramsay Da Costa 1856-1897 age41

BELISARIO Ethel Margaret 1858-1947 age 89

BELISARIO Isabella Sarah Louisa 1861-1862 14mth

BELISARIO John Buchan (Jack)1865-1887 age 21


RAMSAY David 1832-1901 age 69

DE MESTRE Katherine  Dorothy married David RAMSAY 1836-1905 age 68

RAMSAY Archibald Ernest 1869-1924 age 54

ALLARD Muriel Woolnough married A E RAMSAY 1881-1937 age 55

RAMSAY James Edward 1864-1949 age 85

LOCKHART Margaret Agnes married James Ed.RAMSAY 1875-1954

RAMSAY Charles De Mestre 1866-1884 age 17

RAMSAY Kenneth Alistair 1921-1997 age 75

ROBERTSON Jacqueline N married K.A.RAMSAY 1922-1994 age 72

WASS Mary 1946-1999  married David N.RAMSAY age 52

RAMSAY George Archibald 1916-1996

POTTS Marie married G.A.RAMSAY 1917-1994

RAMSAY Elizabeth Anne married Bill KAY  1926- 2006

KAY William Ian (Bill) 1923-2008

RAMSAY Barbara de Mestre married Alan C Pitt 1909-2011


RAMSAY Louisa married BUDGE 1834-1869 age 34


RAMSAY Margaret 1836-1912 age 76



RAMSAY James  1838-1913 age 74

FORDE Emilie married James RAMSAY 1840-1933    age 93

RAMSAY James Allan (Jas)1866-1933 age 67

GORDON/DUTFIELD Elizabeth Russell married J.A.RAMSAY d.1961


RAMSAY Unnamed Male  1841-1841 lived 4 hours 


RAMSAY Edward Pearson 1842-1916 age 74

FOX Ellen Eliza married Edward P RAMSAY 1854-1919 age 65

RAMSAY Edward Henry P.(Piers)1880-1961 age 80

RAMSAY Margaret Isobel married McCallum 1882-1971 age 89

McCALLUM Dorothy Isabella Ramsay          1916-1977 age 89

McCALLUM Douglas Macpherson R.1918-1965 age47

McCALLUM James Gordon Ramsay 1922-1947 age 25

McCALLUM John Ramsay 1911-1943 age 32   

GEE Lenore Morville 1955-1955 3wks

RAMSAY Mary Edith married DANIEL 1887-1961   age74


RAMSAY John Simeon 1845-1929 age 83

LA BARTE Madeleine married John S Ramsay died 1941


LORD Emmeline Rebecca Marie married Percy RAMSAY 1855-1902 age 47

RAMSAY Percy Lord 1881-1910 age 28

Percy Ramsay died and was buried in Queensland.


LORD Simeon 1817-1892  died age 82 and his wife Sarah Birch


Non Ramsay Burials

Percy Vaughan POPE d.1876 age 4 years

Annie Downie MACKENZIE d.1868 age 32

John MILLS d.1880 age 51

Emily MILLS d. 1887 age 61


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