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Henry Thomas Fox
Bright Sparcs Biographical entry

Fox, Henry Thomas (1819 - 1891)

Marine surveyor
Born: 31 May 1819  Shaldon, Devonshire, England.  Died: 29 April 1891  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Henry Thomas Fox was a marine surveyor for the Australian General Assurance Co.

Career Highlights
Born Shaldon, Devonshire 31 May 1819. Died Sydney 29 April 1891. Came to Australia in 1840. Commanded various ships until 1853, when he took up marine surveying in Sydney ast first on his own behalf, then from 1857 for the Australian General Assurance Co., to which he was appointed as Secretary, becoming manager in 1865. He was a member of the Pilot Board 1859-62, the Steam Navigation Board from 1861 and the Marine Board from 1875.

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