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The Ramsays

Belinda's Ramsay and Robertson Family History


                                             - where they came from.

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Dr David RAMSAY first visited Sydney in 1820, as ship's doctor on the "Surry". He returned in 1823 aboard "Thalia", to set up a business with Thomas Raine, 'Raine and Ramsay'. After arriving in Sydney, David did not continue to practise medicine, but concentrated on his various farming interests. David had intended to return to Scotland, but as his family grew, decided to remain in Australia.
He was born in Perth, Scotland in 1794, and married Sarah Ann LORD, daughter of Simeon LORD, in 1825. They had 11 children, 10 of whom suvived to adulthood. The family lived at Dobroyde Farm, given to them by Simeon LORD (along with the mortgage!), as a dowry for Sarah.
David RAMSAY's parents were John RAMSAY and Elisabeth PEARSON of Perth, Scotland.


Simeon LORD came to Australia as a convict, convicted of stealing and sentenced for 7 years. He arrived with the 3rd Fleet on board "Atlantic", on 27 May 1797. Simeon was born in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England, in 1771. In Sydney he met and later married Mary HYDE, also a convict, who had 2 children with the mariner John BLACK. They were married in 1814, after the birth of their first 4 children, but before the birth of the following 4.
Simeon soon developed many business interests in the colony, and became one of Sydney's wealthiest men. He is mentioned in many Australian History books, in particular regarding his status as an emancipist.
Sineon's parents were Simeon LORD and Ann FIELDEN, married in Rochdale, Yorkshire in 1764.


Mary HYDE was born in Halesowen in 1779, and sentenced to 7 years transportation for theft at the age of 17. She arrived in Sydney on board "Brittania II", on 27th May, 1797. Mary soon met John BLACK, a ship's officer, and had 2 children by him, John Henry BLACK and Mary Ann BLACK, who married Prosper de MESTRE. John BLACK's ship "Fly" was lost at sea with all hands in 1802, and it was after this that Mary HYDE lived with and later married Simeon LORD.
Mary's parents were Edward HYDE and Sarah BLUNN, who were married at Halesowen in 1778.


Prosper de MESTRE was born on a ship travelling to Martinique in 1793. His father Jean Charles Andre de MESTRE was a Colonel in the Royalist Army, and was killed at Martinique. His mother, Helene COTTRELL, later married Captain James (or JOHN) ARMSTRONG, who was said to have died at St Lucia. Helene married for a third time, Joseph Paul COULON, in Philadelphia. One of their sons settled in Australia.
Prosper became a very prosperous merchant, and merits many mentions in Australian history books with regard to his trading practices, which were challenged, but upheld because of his American citizenship. Prosper later became the first American citizen to become a naturalised British citizen. 
Prosper married Mary Ann BLACK, daughter of John BLACK and Mary HYDE, in Sydney in 1821, and they had 10 children, one of whom (Kate Dorothy) married David, the son of Dr David RAMSAY.


John BLACK was a ship's officer , born in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England in 1778. He came to Australia in 1797 and 1798. He met Mary HYDE in Sydney and they had 2 children before he set off as Captain of "Fly", which was lost at sea in 1802.
John's father was the Rev John BLACK, who was a prolific writer of prose and poetry. He published his son's account of the mutiny on board the ship "Lady Shore", when John BLACK was put on to a small boat and left to find his way to safety with several other members of the crew.
John's mother was May LOGIE, born in Angus in Scotland. John (Snr) and May were married in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Ramsay Coloform as used by Dr David Ramsay

Information about St David's Church and the Ramsay Family Graveyard can be found by clicking on the Ramsay Family link above.


Horace Bately ALLARD came to Australia in June, 1874 on "Somersetshire", arriving in Victoria before travelling to NSW.  He married Maria Cowlishaw WOOLNOUGH in 1880, and lived at Burwood. He later married Emma Emilie SUSSMILCH. He had 4 children by his first marriage, and 2 by the second.  Horace was born in 1856 in Filby, Norfolk, England. Horace was an accountant, and started the firm 'H B Allard', which became 'Allard, Way, and Hardy.'
Horace's parents were Francis ALLARD and Charlotte BATELY. Francis Allard was born in Filby, Norfolk,  in 1829,  and his wife Charlotte Bately in 1830 in Tunstall, Norfolk.


Thomas WOOLNOUGH emigrated with his family to Tasmania (then Van Diemans Land) arriving in Launceston in 1855. His son John had already travelled to Australia, arriving in Victoria, but the remainder of the family travelled with Thomas, including my ancestor George, who brought with him his wife Emily PUTTERFORD, who died not long after in 1856. One child had died and been buried at Eriswell in Norfolk before the family left. George later travelled to NSW, where he studied to become a Methodist minister, and married Maria COWLISHAW.
Thomas WOOLNOUGH was born in Wilton in Norfolk, and his wife Susan HOWE was born in Icklingham, also in Norfolk. They were married in Icklingham in 1827. George was born at Eriswell in 1834.


Thomas COWLISHAW came to Australia arriving in Sydney on the "Henry Porcher" in 1833. He had married Maria EVANS in London in about 1832. Thomas was born at Wirksworth, Derbyshire, in 1806. He was a stone mason, and worked as a builder, architect, and Lands Valuer for the Works Department. He had 7 children, one of whom (Maria) married George WOOLNOUGH.
Thomas' parents were William COWLISHAW and Ann STORER, of Wirksworth, Derbyshire.