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Duncan Robertson 2

Duncan Robertson (1840-1913) and Alice Struan Robertson (1858-1890)



  Duncan Robertson, son of Duncan Robertson and Margaret Stewart, was born at Alvie in 1840 and baptised on the 25th May, 1840. He came to Australia in August 1855 aboard “Stormcloud”. He was travelling with his parents, 2 sisters and 6 brothers. His older brother William had arrived in Australia 2 years earlier. The family arrived in Hobart, but moved after 9 months to Victoria where Duncan (snr) purchased “Englefield”. 

            He susequently lived at “Moy Hall”, South Australia, with his sister Ann for 7 years.

            In 1864 he purchased with his brothers and sister “Mt.Emu Station’ in Victoria, a property of 30,000 acres.

            In 1869 he moved to the Riverina of NSW to manage Eunonyharcenyah for the A.M.L.&F.Co.

            The Robertson family members of Duncan, James, David , Angus and Annie bought the two properties of “Goree” and “Yarrabee”, 110,000 acres near Morundah in 1872, and also “Mimosa” near Temora, and Duncan became Manager of the properties for the partnership.

            In 1884, Duncan bought out his brothers Peter and John, and Angus took Yarrabee as his share. Duncan continued as managing partner residing at Goree until 1907, when it was divided into Goree and Athol, each about 35,000 acres.

            On 25 March1879 Duncan had married Alice Struan Robertson, the youngest daughter of Sir John Robertson. They had 2 daughters and 4 sons. Alice died shortly after the birth of her youngest son Ian Struan.

            Duncan died at Goree on 16 May 1913 and is buried at South Head Cemetery. It is believed he was originally buried at Goree. His wife Alice died at Goree at the age of 32 in 1890. 

           Duncan took an active interest in all matters pertaining to the pastoral industry. When he entered Goree, he purchased high class rams from T Shaw of “Wooriwyrite”,  I McFarland or “Bargooa”, and later from Sir Samuel McCaughy. He won numerous prizes with his first home bred stud ram, Barooga, beating most of “the fashionable sheep of 1892-93.  After the Narrandera Show of 1892 he refused an offer of 750 guineas for this ram.

            He was one of the first to discover the value of ‘systematic and intelligent’ watering of sheep, conserving the cleanliness of dams and tanks, and of watering by troughs rather than giving the sheep access to the water.

            Another area in which he showed foresight was in regard to rabbits. He ordered 52 miles of wire netting with which to enclose the whole run. He also recognised the great utility of 1 1/4 inch mesh as a protection against young rabbits, when the majority were content with 1 1/4 ? inch mesh. He wa sregarded at the time as alarmist for spending the extravagent sum of 4000 Pounds in netting as a preventative for a danger that at that time many would not recognise as imminent. Subsequent events proved that he was right, and the result was that Goree was never invaded by the pest.

            Other matters in which he took more than an ordinary interest included the manufacturing of cloth from natural black wool, for which he kept a flock of black sheep for some time. He was prominent in promoting the mutton freezing and boiling down works, and took an active part in the erectionof the chilling works at Narranderra. He was for many years a committee man on the Narranderra P & A Association, and for over 30 years he was a member of the Urana stock board, of which he was President for 18 years.

            Mount Loftus, a hill on the property, was named after Lord Augustus Loftus, Governor of NSW.

            After the Robertson Land Act of 18  , free settlers and squatters came onto Goree which was held on leasehold. The family managed to buy back portions of the property, but it never regained its original size.




1 Struan Isa ROBERTSON. Born on 20 Feb 1880. Struan Isa died on 4 Mar 1960, she was 80.On 21 Jun 1905 when Struan Isa was 25, she married William Alexander BROAD, in Sydney, NSW. Born in 1877 in "Stainrig", Kelso, NSW.

They had the following children:

        i. Elliot Robertson

        ii. Colin William

        iii. Elizabeth (Betty) Struan. Born in 1910. Elizabeth (Betty) Struan died in 1960, she was 50. She married Edward Fowler.


2. Kathleen Fiona ROBERTSON. Born on 22 Oct 1881. Kathleen Fiona died in Perth, WA on 20 Jan 1919, she was 37. Buried in WA. On 15 Dec 1906 when Kathleen Fiona was 25, she married George Valentine (Val) OLDHAM.

They had the following children:

     i. Stirling Robertson (Sturdie)

     ii. Janice Kathleen

     iii. Prudence Mary


3. Duncan Alvie ROBERTSON. Born on 17 Jun 1883 in "Goree", Near Morundah, Narranderra, NSW. Duncan Alvie died in WA on 8 Mar 1968, he was 84. In 1919 when Duncan Alvie was 35, he married Mildred Louise (Kitty) HARPER.

They had the following children:

       i. Kathleen

       ii. Charles Duncan (Sandy). Born in Apr 1922. Charles Duncan (Sandy) died in WW2 on 9 Sep 1943, he was 21. Buried in Nowra Cemetery, NSW.

       iii. Margaret Kitty

       iv. Cresley Harper


4. Eric Lindsay Struan ROBERTSON. Born on 30 Mar 1888. Eric Lindsay Struan died in Melbourne, Vic on 18 Aug 1968, he was 80. Buried in Victoria, Aus. In 1914 when Eric Lindsay Struan was 25, he married Violet Isabell ALLAND.

They had one child:

        i. Judith Struan


6. Norman Keith ROBERTSON. Born on 29 Dec 1885 in Narranderra, Parish Of Urana, NSW. Norman Keith died in Point Piper, Sydney, NSW on 2 Jan 1931, he was 45. Buried on 1 Jan 1931 in South Head Cemetery, Sydney, NSW.

On 22 Nov 1913 when Norman Keith was 27, he married Niedham (Neida) Jessie Ferrers PLAYFAIR, daughter of Edmund John Baily PLAYFAIR & Edith Miriam CREER, in St Marys Church, Waverley, NSW. Born on 26 Sep 1888 in Woollahra, Sydney, NSW. Niedham (Neida) Jessie Ferrers died in Mana House Private Hospital, Wahroonga, NSW on 25 Jun 1969, she was 80.

They had 4 children.