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James Brand Ritchie Robertson
James Brand Ritchie Robertson was married twice, and had a total of 27 children.
His first wife was Ann Foxton, whom he married in Sydney in 1835. He was a resident of the Maitland district, and his children were all born in the Hunter Valley. There were 12 children of this marriage. Ann Foxton was the daughter of John Foxton and Wilhelmina Townsend. Ann died at Maitland in 1864.
His second wife was Mary Hannah Payne Ingram, they were married in 1865 after the death of Ann Foxton. This marriage resulted in 15 children.
James B. R. Robertson gave evidence at the enquiry into the ownership of the reserve adjoining James Robertson's original grant at Robertson's point.
He said:-
He was 80 years of age; he remembered going to Robertson's Point with his father many years ago: a stone house was built there and his father lived there as a private gentleman; there was a fence at the back of the house dividing the point from the mainland: he thought there must have been water on both sides of the fence; he supposed that the fence went down to the water because it was intended to prevent cattle straying;there was a landing place on each side of the point, it was not built of timber but of rough stones; there was a good wide path up to the house; they used to go to Sydney, NSW in those days by boat as there was no conveyance  and no roads at North Shore.
For more information on the FOXTON family, go to this great web site by Stephanie Kihlstrom.
The family of James B. R. Robertson and Ann Foxton
1. James Robert Wilshire Robertson 1835-1837
2. Brisbane John Robertson 1837-1837
3. Anna Maria Robertson 1838-1874 m. ?Name? Burrows
4. James John Robertson 1840-1903 m. Mary Jane Jenkins
5. James Brent Ritchie Robertson 1842-1842
6. Walter Graham 1843-? m. Alice Elizabeth Jenkins
7. Wilhelmina Emma Robertson 1844-1942 m. Mortimer William Lewis
8. Isabel Maria Robertson 1846-1928 m. Roger Hale Sheaffe
9. William Foxton Robertson 1849-1930 m. Julia Margaret Hulbert
10. Sarah Janet Robertson 1850-1940 m. Clements Tremayne Rodd
11. John Augustus 1852-1924 m. Jane Moore
12. Flora Eliza Robertson 1853-1853
The family of James B R Robertson and Mary Hannah Payne Ingram
1. Mary Maud Robertson 1865-1940 m. George Gibson Park
2. Female child 1866-1866
3. Ada B Robertson 1866-1951
4. Clarissa B 1867-?
5. Jessie Emmaline Robertson 1868-abt1963 m. Phillip H Bradhurst
6. Flora Evelyne Robertson 1870-1962
7. Lillian Robertson 1872- ? m. Edward J S Doyle
8. Rose Emily Robertson 1853-1957 m. ?Name Wotton
9. Grace Alice Robertson1874-1933
10. Jamesina Hannah Robertson 1875-1876
11. Ritchie Brand Robertson 1876-1876
12. Alexander Albert Robertson 1877-1877
13. Edwin Hercules Robertson 1878-1935 m. Jessica Chisolm
14. Linda Augusta Robertson 1880-?
15. Constance Ingram Roiertson

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