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Agnes Rodd Robertson and George Douglas Bell

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Archibald Bell 


Archibald  Bell was born in 1804, one of the ten children born to Maria (Kitching) and Archibald Bell. He arrived in Australia with his family on board the 'Young William' when he was three years old. His father Archibald had served with the N.S.W. Corp, and as a military commander at the Hawkesbury  and  Magistrate at Windsor.

In 1823 Archibald junior discovered a new route across the Blue Mountains  from Richmond to Cox's River. This became  known as the Bell's Line of Road.  He was granted 1000 acres and selected  land near Singleton naming it 'Corinda'.

In 1828 he was a tenant and employed as an overseer at St. Hiliers, Colonel Henry Dumaresq's property near Scone. Convicts were assigned to him at St. Hiliers as well as at Corinda where he built a two story stone house, probably with the use of convict labour. Two of the convicts at Corinda in 1828 were: Charles Canner a  shepherd from Waterford  who arrived on the Lonach in 1825 and William Brinkley who was tried in Bristol and arrived on the Hebe in 1820. Also employed at Corinda in 1828 was Edward Bailey, labourer James Smyth,  and Robert Brown who was employed as a watchman.

In 1833, the same year his sister Sophie married Henry P. Dutton, Archibald married Francis Ann North, daughter of a Windsor Magistrate. Bell and Dutton would later be active in Singleton community life attending meetings such as the Patrick Plains Turf Club and serve as Trustees for the Singleton Church. Bell was nominated for district council and was a Steward at the Patrick Plains Races. In 1847 along with other prominent settlers, he was introduced to the Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy on his visit to the district.

As the depression of the 1840's continued, Henry Dutton suffered financially and was involved with  insolvency proceedings, however Bell managed to survive. Like many other Hunter River settlers he established a boiling down facility for the manufacture of tallow on his property Corinda'

Bell was renown for his coach and hackney horses which he bred at Corinda . He later moved to Milgerra and then to 'Pickering' near Merton, the former property of Captain John Pike.

Archibald Bell was a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1868 to 1872 and from 1879 to until his death on the 9th August 1883. For parliamentary details go to http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/

George Douglas Bell was the eldest of Archibald Bell's 10 children.

George Douglas Bell and Agnes Rodd Robertson had 9 children.



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