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Ripley Family History

The Family of Anna Maria Ripley

Thomas Ripley, born in England about 1740, was a mathematical instrument maker. He was  apprenticed to John Gilbert in the Grocers' Company on Dec. 5, 1755, and was free in the Company, April 12, 1763. Thomas Ripley took apprentices, including his son James Ripley, who was his partner from 1800 to 1807. His business was situated in London  in the Baker's Building, New Broad Street (1763 & 1770); at the Globe Quadrant and Sectacles, near Hermitage Bridge below the Tower, Wapping (1765); 364 Hermitage Bridge, below the Tower (1773).

Thomas Ripley married Sarah Susannah Bigg on 9 August 1763 at Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London. Together they had 9 children, of whom Anna Maria was the youngest.

The will of her cousin mentions members of Susannah Bigg's family.


Also from this website:  Sarah Susanna Ripley (nee Bigg) was buried at St John, Hackney, on 15 March 1807 aged 63. She married Thomas Ripley at St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London (her parish of residence), on 9 Aug 1763. She was married by licence, with her father's consent as she was a minor. The witnesses were Robert Bigg and Mary Bigg, the names of her parents when she was privately baptised 10 March 1744.