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Thomas Playfair, Mayor of Sydney



John Thomas Playfair, known as Thomas, was born at Earls Colne, Essex, England, on 4 January 1832.  

Thomas Playfair arrived in Australia in Melbourne on 30 September, 1859 with the Royal Navy, and after a voluntarily discharge made his way to Sydney, arriving there on S.S. London on 7 October, 1859.


Here Thomas joined the butcher's business of Edmund Baily, and later went into partnership with him.


Thomas was married twice. His first marriage was to Helen (or Ellen) Matheson, the sister in law of his business partner, Edmund John Baily in 1860.

Thomas and Ellen had 4 children.


After Ellen's death in 1866, Thomas married her half sister, Georgina. They had 5 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.


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Monument to Thomas Playfair, Waverley Cemetery, Sydney

I would like to recognise the fantastic effort of my second cousin, Ross Playfair, who has put together an amazing book detailing each member of  the family of (John) Thomas Playfair. With help from Sylvia Gronwald, Aldyth Jones, and every one of Thomas' descendants, Ross has spent many hours putting the family history together, when many of us just gather information. The information in these web pages relies heavily on Ross's book.

Thank you, Ross.

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