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Thomas Arnold Playfair

Thomas Arnold obtained a position with the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage, within the Public works Dept. on May 22 1888. He was appointed to the Water Engineering Dept. with an annual salary of 200. In 1890 his salary was increased to 250.
In 1891 he was on loan to the New Mains section and  was appointed Assistant Inspector of Pipe Laying and in 1893 he received an extra 52 per annum for "Forage and/or Other Expenses". His employment with the board continued at that rate until he appears to have left at the end of 1894.
At the same time, and until his death, Thomas Arnold Playfair was also listed as an architect at his residence, "Kelvedon", 12 McLaren Street, North Sydney. However, so far, no records have been found to indicate when or where he became an architect.

Thomas Arnold Playfair married Olive Maria Milsom in 1886. Olive lived at "Kelvedon" for some time after the death of her husband, the property appearing in her name until around 1940. She died in China, and her ashes were brought back to Australia for interment at Waverley Cemetery on 7 August, 1930.

They had 3 children.


|     |       born 1887, Sydney, NSW died 1948, Cal., USA

|     |       brd. San Francisco, Cal., USA

|     |       & ( Joseph) Peter VACHON

|     |       born 1887, Maine, USA died 1961, Cal, USA

|     |       brd. San Francisco, Cal., USA

|     |       m. 1916, Mindanao, The Phillipines

(Olive) Belle PLAYFAIR

|     |       born 1889 died 26 Jan 1958, Sydney, NSW

|     |       brd. Nthn Sub Crem., Sydney, NSW

Thelma Arnold PLAYFAIR

|     |       born 1895,Sydney,NSW died 21 Jun 1976, Sydney

|     |       brd. 25 Jun 1976, Nthn Sub Crem., Sydney, NSW

|     |      & George LYON-MACKENZIE

|     |       bd. Scotland dd. 1954, Sydney, NSW

|     |       m. 1923, Tientsen, Chin

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