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Thomas Playfair's Family

Thomas Playfair's Family
Thomas Playfair's first marriage was to Ellen Matheson, who was a daughter of Thomas and Mary Matheson, nee Straith (or Strath)  and was a tailor at Woolloomooloo. Ellen died at Sydney Mar 4 1866 aged 27 years and was buried at St Judes Church Cemetery at Randwick NSW.
Thomas and Ellen's Children
1861 - 1898
1863 - 1926
Thomas' second marriage was to Georgina Matheson, a half-sister to Ellen, being the daughter of Thomas Matheson and his second wife, Jane Wilkinson. As Georgina was under age at the age of 17, special consent had to be obtained from the 'Guardian of Minors' for the marriage to take place. Georgina was also a tailor, working in elizabeth Street, Sydney, at the time. 
Georgina died in Sydney on Jan 9, 1878, age 28.She was buried at St Judes, Randwick. It is  said  that Georgina died from injuries sustained  from a fall whilst hanging curtains, she being pregnant at the time.

Thomas and Georgina's Children
1869 - 1951
1871 - 1943

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