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Matheson Tree

Descendants of Alexander Matheson and his wife Margaret

Alexander Matheson and his wife Margaret came from the area near Helmsdale, on the Scottish coast of Sutherland Shire. There is a family of Mathesons which could be theirs, in the records for Midgarty, near Helmsdale. Thomas Matheson said he was born at Helmsdale when he emigrated to Australia.
I have found the following children for this family - dates are baptisms.
Residence - Midgarty (near Helmsdale)
Patrick                 14 Aug 1805
William                12 July 1807
Thomas                20 Sept 1809
Isabella Gorden   18 Jun 1812
John                     3 July 1815
Adam                   3 Feb 1818
Thomas married Mary Straith (or Strath) in Aberdeen, before leaving for Australia, and secondly, Jane Wilkinson, in Australia.
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