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Simeon Lord's Children
Simeon Lord's Children and Their Families.
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1. Sarah Ann LORD was born on 3 Mar 1806 in Sydney, NSW, and christened on 23 Mar 1809. Sarah died at "Dobroyde",  Sydney, NSW on 28 Jan 1889. She is buried in the Ramsay Vault at St David's Church, Haberfield.

On 31 Mar 1825 Sarah married David RAMSAY, son of John RAMSAY & Elisabeth PEARSON, in St Phillips, Sydney. David was born on 16 Mar 1794 in Perth, Scotland. David died at "Dobroyde" on 10 Jun 1860, and was buried on 14 Jun 1860 in the Ramsay Vault at St David's Church, Haberfield.


2. Louisa LORD was born on 8 Jul 1808 in Sydney, NSW, and was baptized on 23 Aug 1809. On 5 Jun 1824 when Louisa was 15, she married Alexander DICK, son of Robert DICK, of Scotland & Isobel KENNEDY, in Sydney, NSW.


3. Simeon LORD was born on 19 May 1810 in Sydney, NSW, and baptized on 19 Jun 1810. He died in "Highmead", Roma St., Brisbane, Qld. on 15 Jun 1892. He was a grazier.  

On 15 Jun 1834 he married Sarah BIRCH, daughter of Thomas William BIRCH & Sarah GUEST, in St Matthews Church, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Sarah was born on 13 Oct 1814 in Tasmania. Sarah died on 30 Jan 1892. Simeon and Sarah are buried at St Davids Church, Haberfield. 


4. Francis LORD was born in 1812 in Sydney, NSW. He died in Rydal, NSW on 21 Dec 1897, and is buried in St Thomas, North Sydney, NSW. Francis had 2 families.


1. Francis Lord and Barbara MILL

          i. Mary (1839-1922), who married Richard Randolph MACHATTIE


2. Francis Lord and Mary Hanesworth.  

On 6 Apr 1839 when Francis Lord was 27, he married Mary HANESWORTH, daughter of Francis HANESWORTH & Elizabeth, in St Andrews Scots Church, Sydney, NSW. Mary Hanesworth was born on 8 Aug 1820 in Sydney, NSW, and died on 27 May 1905. She is buried at St Thomas, North Sydney, NSW.



5. Edward LORD was born on 20 Oct 1814 in Sydney, NSW, and baptized on 11 Dec 1814. Edward died at "Rockville", East St Leonards, Sydney, NSW on 18 Nov 1884. He is buried in St Thomas, North Sydney, NSW. In 1852 he married Lucy HYDE, daughter of Capt. William HYDE & Mary WESTON, in Scot's Church, Sydney, NSW. Lucy was born in 1835 in England, and baptised on 10 Jul 1836. Lucy died in Eastbourne, England on 20 Sep 1892.


6. George William LORD was born on 5 Aug 1818 in Sydney, NSW and died at "Kirketon", Darlinghurst Rd., Sydney, NSW on 9 May 1880.

On 28 Aug 1850 George William  married Elizabeth LEE, daughter of William LEE & Mary DARGIN, in Trinity Church, Kelso, NSW. Elizabeth was born on 2 Jul 1833, and  died on 23 Aug 1905 at "Kirkton". They are both buried in the Family Vault, St Matthews, Botany, Sydney, NSW.

More on George William Lord from the ADB.



7. Robert Charles LORD was born in 1821 in Sydney, NSW, and died in Chippendale, Sydney, NSW on 16 May 1857.

On 7 Sep 1841 when Robert Charles  he married Elizabeth A WOOD, in St James,  Sydney. She was born in 1821. Elizabeth died in Botany, NSW on 7 Sep 1861.




Joanna Short


Joanna was the orphaned daughter of convicts - Elizabeth Drudra and Joseph Short. She married Simeon Lord's business parnet Francis Williams.


Sarah Anne Lord

Simeon Lord II

Sarah Birch

Edward Lord
George William Lord

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