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Fielden Family

Bottomley, Walsden

The Fieldens Of Todmorden and Walsden

The Fielden family have been involved in the spinning and weaving of cloth, both woollen and cotton, for many generations. Joshua Fielden,  (abt 1631-1693), son of Abraham Fielden and his wife Elizabeth Fielden, inherited a farm at Bottomley, Walsden from his mother. He married Martha Greenwood in 1656, and had 5 sons and a daughter. The farm ran sheep, which were bred for their meat and wool. They used the wool to provide for their own needs, and to “put out” to neighbouring farms and cottages for spinning and weaving.

The sons of Joshua all became involved in the industry, eventually setting up in larger premises, with John the youngest son being the most successful. He bought Todmorden Hall, and amassed a vast fortune. John and his wife Tamar Halstead did not have any children, and his nieces and nephews became his heirs.


The story of the Fieldens is very well told in the Todmorden and Walsden site, at


Here you can read about the history of the spinning and weaving industry from cottages to factories, and also the story of each of the brothers.


Joshua’s fourth son, Samuel, (1654-1722) married Elizabeth Veepon in 1703. His son Joshua (1707-1781) was the father of Ann Fielden. Ann married Simeon Lord (1744-1787) in 1764 at Rochdale. They had 10 children, the fourth of whom was Simeon, transported to Australia in 1791. Samuel and Elizabeth lived at Edge End Farm, and then at Todmorden Hall with Samuel's brother John. After John married, they moved to Flailcroft Farm, and eventually back to Edge End, where first Samuel, in 1722, and then Elizabeth, in 1747, died.


Simeon Lord’s early life in this industrial area may have had an influence on his later life. In Australia, he set up many factories, the most successful being his woollen mill at Botany.

Edge End Farm


Fielden Family Tree



First Generation



1. Abraham FIELDEN. Abraham died in 1644.

 About 1629 Abraham married Elizabeth FIELDEN, in Inchfield, Lancs., England. Elizabeth died in 1639.

They had one child:

     2     i.     Joshua (~1631-1693)


Second Generation



2. Joshua FIELDEN. Joshua died in Inchfield, Yorks., England on 18 Apr 1693, he was 62. Born  abt 1631 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Yorks, England. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield. On 21 Oct 1656 when Joshua was 25, he married Martha GREENWOOD, in St Chad, Rochdale, Lancs., England. Born in North Hollingsworth, Walsden. Martha died on 2 Apr 1708.


They had the following children:

     3     i.     Joshua (~1658-1715)

     4    ii.     Nicholas (~1660-1714)

         iii.     Thomas. Born  abt 1662 in Hollingworth, Todmorden, Lancs, England. Thomas died on 26 Dec 1726, he was 64. Thomas married Alice LEES.

     5    iv.     Samuel (~1664-1722)

           v.     John. Born  abt 1666 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Lancs., England. John died on 20 May 1734, he was 68. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield. On 9 Nov 1707 when John was 41, he married Tamar HALSTEAD, in Quaker Meeting House. Born in of Erringden. Tamar died on 8 Feb 1795. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield.

          vi.     Hannah. Born  abt 1668 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Lancs., England. On 7 May 1697 when Hannah was 29, she married James WHALLEY.


Third Generation



3. Joshua FIELDEN. Born  abt 1658 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Lancs., England. Joshua died in Bottomley, Todmorden, Yorks, England on 27 Feb 1715, he was 57. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield.

Joshua married Mary SUTCLIFFE. Mary died on 26 Jul 1745.

They had the following children:

     6     i.     Joshua (1702-1731)

          ii.     Abraham. Abraham died in 1779. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield.

     7   iii.     Samuel (1711-1798)


4. Nicholas FIELDEN. Born  abt 1660 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Lancs., England. Nicholas died on 16 Nov 1714, he was 54.

On 20 May 1701 when Nicholas was 41, he first married Anne HELLIWELL. Anne died on 29 JAN 1710/11.

They had the following children:

           i.     Nicholas. Nicholas died in 1729.

          ii.     Ann. Ann married Jonathan CRAVEN.

         iii.     William. In 1730 William married Mary ARMISTEAD, in Quaker Ceremony.

Nicholas second married Margaret.


5. Samuel FIELDEN. Samuel died on 19 Jul 1722, he was 58. Born  abt 1664 in Bottomley, Todmorden, Lancs., England.

On 25 May 1703 when Samuel was 39, he married Elizabeth VEEPON, daughter of James VEEPON, in Marsden Height, Lancs., England. Elizabeth died in 1747. Born in of Briercliffe.


They had the following children:

           i.     Thomas. Born on 13 Sep 1704 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

     8    ii.     Joshua (1707-1781)

         iii.     Hannah. Born on 19 Feb 1709 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

          iv.     John. Born on 16 May 1712 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

           v.     Susanna. Susanna died in 1732, she was 18. Born  abt 1714 in Marsden, Yorks, England.

          vi.     Ellen. Born on 10 Jul 1715 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

         vii.     Mary. Born on 10 Jul 1717 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

        viii.     Martha. Born on 8 Feb 1719 in Todmorden, Yorks., England.

          ix.     Samuel. Born on 25 Nov 1722 in Todmorden, Yorks., England. Samuel died on 10 Nov 1798, he was 75. Samuel married Eliza. Eliza died in 1754.


Fourth Generation



6. Joshua FIELDEN. Born in 1702. Joshua died in 1731, he was 29.

In 1723 when Joshua was 21, he married Elizabeth CROSSLEY, in St Chad's, Rochdale. Born in Of Walsden.

They had one child:

     9     i.     Samuel (1727-1799)


7. Samuel FIELDEN. Born in 1711. Samuel died in Bottomley, Todmorden, Yorks, England in 1798, he was 87. Buried in Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad, Langfield.


           i.     Samuel.

          ii.     John. Born in 1742. John died in 1822. Buried in St Mary's, Todmorden.

         iii.     Joshua.

          iv.     Mary. Mary married James SCHOFIELD.


8. Joshua FIELDEN. Born on 30 Jan 1707 in Flailcroft Farm, Todmorden, Yorks., England. Joshua died on 9 Feb 1781, he was 74. On 20 MAR 1742/43 when Joshua was 35, he married Mary MERRICK. Mary died in 1753.


They had the following children:

    10     i.     Joshua (1748-1811)

          ii.     Thomas.

         iii.     Mary.

          iv.     Elizabeth.

    11     v.     Ann (1745-1786)

          vi.     Samuel. Born on 25 Jul 1747 in Edge End, England.



Fifth Generation



9. Samuel FIELDEN. Born in 1727. Samuel died in 1799, he was 72.

Samuel married Sarah MITCHELL. They had one child:

           i.     Joshua (1766-1855)


10. Joshua FIELDEN. Born on 29 Dec 1748 in Edge End Farm, Todmorden. Joshua died in 1811, he was 62. In 1771 when Joshua was 22, he married Jenny GREENWOOD, daughter of SUTCLIFFE ?, in Quaker Meeting House, Shoebroad.


They had the following children:

           i.     Samuel

          ii.     Joshua

         iii.     "Honest" John (1784-1849)

          iv.     James

           v.     Thomas

          vi.     Daughter

         vii.     Daughter

        viii.     Daughter


11. Ann FIELDEN. Born on 30 Mar 1745 in Edge End, Todmorden, Yorks, England. Ann died in Dobroyd, Todmorden, Yorks, England on 14 Mar 1786, she was 40. Buried in St Mary's, Todmorden, Yorks, England.


On 28 Feb 1764 when Ann was 18, she married Simeon LORD, son of John LORD (~1700-1775) & Mary SUTCLIFFE (~1700-1772), in Rochdale, Yorks, England. Born on 3 Sep 1744 in Dobroyd, Todmorden, Yorks, England. Simeon died on 11 Mar 1787, he was 42. Buried in St Marys, Todmorden, Yorks, England.


They had the following children:

           i.     John (1765-1801)

          ii.     Mary (1766-1790)

         iii.     Joshua (1768-)

          iv.     Simeon (1771-1840)

           v.     Betty (1773-1774)

          vi.     Samuel (1774-1792)

         vii.     Thomas (1776-)

        viii.     William (1778-1778)

          ix.     Richard (1778-1778)

           x.     Sarah (1778-1798)



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