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Joanna Short and Francis Williams

Joanna Short was the adopted daughter or ward of Simeon Lord, born in Sydney in 1792 to convict parents, Elizabeth Drury and Joseph Short. She married Lord's business partner Francis Williams. The ADB article on Francis Williams gives a good overview of his life and business dealings with Simeon Lord.
Francis arrived in Sydney in 1806, and married Joanna in the same year. She would have only been 14 years old. After successful business dealings with Simeon Lord, the partnershiop was dissolved. Williams was alter found guilty of embezzlement from the bank of NSW, and sentenced to 14 years. He worked part of this time in Sydney, and part at Newcastle. He died in 1831 at Luskentyre in the Hunter valley.
Elizabeth Drury arrived in Sydney with the second fleet in 1790, on board the convict transport, "Neptune". She had been sentenced to 7 years Transportation in July 1787, after being tried in Lincoln.
Joseph Short was sentenced in Middlesex for 7 years, also arriving with the second fleet on "Neptune". He died in 1795.
Elizabeth died in 1793, and Joseph died in 1795.
There is a death registered for Joanna Williams in the Hunter Valley in 1841, but the age is given as 43, so this may not be the correct Joanna Williams.

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