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The Isle of Man Connection


The Manx Flag


The Isle of Man is set in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Liverpool.

BRADDAN, Isle Of Man


The Creer family came from Braddan, on the Isle of Man. Brad Smith visited this area some time ago, and thanks to his directions , we were able to find the memorial to Edward Creer in the Old Kirk Cemetery  when I went to the IOM with my husband Rick and children. It was a magical place, where I could feel the presence of my ancestors.


Brads description of the graveyard was very apt: "Braddan is  small village a short distance from the Douglas. The old Kirk is no longer in use and is crumbling into ruin. The surrounding churchyard is wild and overgrown. The ancient headstones are all but overwhelmed by the grass and blackberries. The Creer and Dickinson families must have been long time residents of this parish and have been baptised, married and buried in the Kirk throughout its long history."


The memorial to Edward Creer reads as follows


            Erected by his widow

            In Memory of the late EDWARD CREER Master of the smack FAME of Douglas

            Who was unfortunately drowned by falling

            Overboard on his passage to Liverpool, Sunday August 5, 1838

            In the 43rd year of his age, greatly respected.


Below this inscription is a memorial to Frances Rigby CAINE, the daughter of Phillip Caine and Sarah (Dickinson), who had remarried in 1842 after Edwards death. Frances died on the 14 October 1847, aged 1 year and 4 months. Beside the memorial to Edward Creer is the Sarahs grave,  who died on the 27th May, 1850, aged 43 years.         



Old Kirk Braddan

This picture comes from Kirk Braddan: Our Churches. Click here to go to this site.

The Church as it was when we visited in 1988.

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