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Edward Creer


Edward Creer


Edward Creer, father of Joseph, was lost at sea. His widow erected a memorial in the Churchyard at the Old Kirk, Braddan, which can still be seen today. Edward was married to Sarah Dickinson, who married Phillip Cain afters Edward's death.


Moras Herald, August 7, 1838


"Accident- It is our painful task this week to announce the loss of Captain Edwd. Creer, of the smack Fame, of this port. The vessel left here on Saturday night, for Liverpool, with a fresh breeze from the S.W., and "cross sea". About seven miles from Douglas head, the master went below, and shortly afterwards came on deck smoking his pipe. Whilst proceeding to the man at the helm, a sea struck the vessel, when he unfortunately lost his balance and fell overboard. His body has not yet been found. It is supposed that he had on his person, at the time of the lamentable accident, a sum of money amounting to about 40 pounds- in sovereigns, bank notes, and copper; also, a good watch. A reward of 5 pounds will be given to any individual who may discover the remains of the unfortunate and much-respected deceased, on application to his afflicted widow, or at the office of this paper. We particularly request that our brethren of the press in Lancashire, Cumberland, the western coast of Scotland, and the north-east of Ireland, will obligingly notice and give publicity to this paragraph in their respective districts."

Headstones for Edward Creer andSarah Dickinson at Braddan Old Kirk (photo B.Smith)

The memorial to Edward Creer reads as follows


            Erected by his widow

            In Memory of the late EDWARD CREER Master of the smack FAME of Douglas

            Who was unfortunately drowned by falling

            Overboard on his passage to Liverpool, Sunday August 5, 1838

            In the 43rd year of his age, greatly respected.


Below this inscription is a memorial to Frances Rigby CAINE, the daughter of Phillip Caine and Sarah (Dickinson), who had remarried in 1842 after Edwards death. Frances died on the 14 October 1847, aged 1 year and 4 months. Beside the memorial to Edward Creer is the Sarahs grave,  who died on the 27th May, 1850, aged 43 years.         

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