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Children of Thomas and Maria
Children of Thomas Cowlishaw and Maria Evans

1.      James Cowlishaw, born 19 Dec 1834, Bathurst St., Sydney, died 25 July 1929, Montpelier, Bowen Hills, Queensland. James was an architect and newspaper proprietor. He married Charlotte Owen, and they had 8 children.


2.      Thomas Cowlishaw, born 10 Aug 1836, Sydney, died 21 February 1907, Ashfield. Thomas married Catherine Chambers Williams, and they had 10 children. Their youngest child, Thomas, married Isobel M Abbott, the sister of Joseph Sydney Abbott who married Kate Louisa Ramsay (a daughter of David Ramsay and Kate de Mestre).


3.      Maria Cowlishaw, born 26 February 1838, died 7 November 1916 in Queensland. Maria married George Woolnough in Paddington, Sydney. They had 2 children.


4.      William Patten Cowlishaw, born 1 November 1839, died 29 March 1903, Christchurch, NZ., and named after the Cowlishaw's friend William Patten. William P Cowlishaw married Helen Bossley in Christchurch, NZ in 1865.


5.      Mary Ann Cowlishaw born 21 December 1842, died 7 July 1935 at Burwood. Mary Ann was a close friend of George and Maria Woolnough, and also of the Allard family. She maintained close contact with the Allards after the death of her sister. She was not married.


6.      George Cowlishaw, born in 1842, died 6 January 1913, in Flinders Parade, Sandgate, Brisbane. George was not married.


7.      Mahlon Clarke Cowlishaw born 18 October 1844, Sydney, died 17 July 1900, Sydney. Mahlon married Jane Gratton in Sydney in 1876. They had 3 children.

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